Friday, September 11, 2009

Day-5: At a tiny little park near Shrikant's house. (Where Shaam goes and exercises every morning!) Nothing interesting inside the small place except an age old Sukhoi. Discussed "Bhaiyyaa's routine" with kids. They did realise that Bhaiyyaa does a lot of hard work whole day and yet comes to their houses early in the morning... Karishma said "Bhaiyyaa gets money for coming here, hence he comes!" This is what elders of her lane tell her... Huh. Great. Patil Estate parents need to know that we love the kids... I guess we'll be able to connect with them better once they know that we do this because we love doing it, not for money.

Day-6: Monday. Time constraints on both of us. Hence COEP. Kids didn't want to come. Sheetal was about to run away when we were near Math dept. Some security guard asked the kids "Kuthe chaallaat?" in a friendly way. Sheetal said "Jeev dyaaylaa"...
All sat near the river for some minutes. Ajay + Vidya + Sheetal were getting inside a boat which was quite risky. Hence got them all upstairs against their wish. Then tried reading newspaper but all were making pathetic faces. When Shrikant got up to leave for office, all of them got up to leave for home!
I said "Very well. Go then. Even I have work."
I was angry! :-(
All left.

Day-7: Raining heavily everywhere. Still went! All credit to Shrikant! :') Karishma, the one who takes maximum time to get up and get ready, also the one who NEVER wants to come; got up and got ready quickly, with a lovely smile on her face! What a surprise! I asked her how did it happen. She simply said, "Tumhii yevdhyaa paawsaat bhijat aalaat naa... Mhanuun mee uthale. Naaiitar mee yenaarach navhate aaj."
:') I love these kids!!
Sheetal couldn't come. All of us went to BC, since it was raining. Were generally talking. Had pohaa. Studied the boats parked there. Later, as the kids were watching the river from BC, and as I was standing just behind them, I said, "Aikaa naa..." They turned to look at me. I said, "Sorry. Mee kaal tumhaalaa raagaawle naa. Mhanuun. Punhaa naahii raagaawnaar." They watched me for a fraction of a second and turned back and started talking about something else!! They just simply DID NOT know how to react! This emotion seemed so new to them- of someone saying sorry, to them! Someone elderly! :-)
We left from BC in some time. Went back laughing and chatting about useless stuff! It was so much fun! Didn't even utter the word "school"! :) And while leaving, Vidya-Sarika-Karshima waved the loveliest goodbye ever...
See you soon, girls!

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