Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Many Santas! Christmas2011!

Told kids on 24th that since they think of themselves as 'hatke' people, they should celebrate Christmas in a 'hatke' manner. They were told that instead of depending on some one Santa, we'll all be Santas! Means? Well, they were supposed to get gifts for their classmates. Gifts whose value cannot be measured. That is, not anything that can simply be bought, but something that is handmade by them. And the gift that they can get for didi-bhaiyyaa is that they will study well in the class.

And just imagine what they did the next day! Beautiful cards- 3D folded, painted, written, ... Even boys did all of this! And Bushra got an earthen pot painted! And height of everything- Amreen got kheer made by herself and gave a spoonful to every bhaiyyaa-didi! They got multiple presents for their classmates and then argued that now they are eligible to give presents to didi-bhaiyyaa! So we had to accept, finally!

And what gift did didi-bhaiyyaa give them? A screening of one of Unicef Meena videos in which a sister and brother exchange their daily routine tasks for a day and the brother realizes how tough house work is and promises to help his sister everyday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There should be a lot of song and dance in the class! We're starting with simple poems; unlike the typically gruesome nursery hrymes!

Here's some poetry that SA exposed me to, when I was a child:

Little drops of water,
Little grains of sand,
Make the great big ocean,
And the lovely land!

This I learnt from the shadow of the tree
did sway upon a wall,
My shadow self, my influence,
May fall,
Where I may never be.

Just thought that this, being in English, may still seem complicated to kids. And if I actually study and explain it in the class like their textbook poems, they will stop thinking of it as simple poetry which they can hum anytime. And hence, a Hindi poetic translation is a must!

ठुकराकर  मन की अकड़
बूंद  बूंद जब हो गए एक,
एक दूजे का हात पकड़
कण कण जब हो गए एक,
तब बना यह विशाल सागर
और बनी यह धरा मनोहर|

एक पेड़  की परछाई
दूर दिवार पर थी छाई,
जिसे  देख मैं समझ पाई-
मेरा प्रभाव, मेरी परछाई,
वहा भी हो सकती हैं छाई,
जहा कभी मैं खुद न पहुच पाई|