Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Last evening was all rest.
Three of us with the sun all set.
Watch! Crescent on the west!

Tomorrow, will it be a bigger one?
Yesterday, was it a thinner one? Or there wasn't one?
One noticed the evident though- below the crescent is the sun.

It's all about the angle, said the learned.
That the sun, the earth and the moon have made.
Wider the angle, more of the moon will be seen lighted.

They're rising and setting, rising and setting...
Who's rising first and after how long the other is following
Is what this angle is informing.

But, like many other things, the angle's not perfect.
Like the 0 and the 180 can have some north-south gap left.
Thus eclipses aren't fortnight-frequent.

That's fine, the smart one interrupts.
What's with the original questions?
New moon is past or future, who answers?

They twirled round and round,
And thanked god for what they found,
That all celestial objects have the same sense of coming around.

New moon is when the sun and the moon are 0-angle aligned,
But the moon keeps travelling around, to be kept in mind.
So the next day sun will rise just before the moon, right? Ahem! Please rewind!

The hot one rewound at level best-
New moon is history, with a crescent on the west!
But a crescent on the east means new moon's coming up next!

And then they lived.
Happily ever altered.
The sun-moon-earth-hot-smart-learned.

Monday, May 29, 2017

काहीच ताण नाही

काहीतरी मिळेल ची आस नाही
नक्की असेल चा भास नाही
आधार वगैरे काही खास नाही

घट्ट, गाढ आणि गार वाटत राहतं.
आतात खोलपर्यंत.
कधीच न वाटलेलं.

दीर्घ श्वास घ्या!
काहीच ताण नाही म्हणा!