Thursday, September 11, 2014


02/05/10: Topii making. Made a lot of topiis! 8-9 different kinds with paper! Then solved some puzzles on demand! That's the first thing they asked for! Pooja, Priti, Mahesh, Irfan, Tushar, Akshay, - attendance in photos! Will upload soon!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I loved this class!

05 - Jul - 2009 (Sun)
A long standing problem was addressed in this class. A lot of kids do a lot of things in class, many a times! Today, kids were asked to interview themselves and people from their area on "How a class should be"! The interviews + kids' thoughts were put together and the kids themselves made rules on how they should behave in the class. These rules are now stuck on the classroom door and kids seem to follow them so far! :) This class was a long one and describing it in words is something I won't be able to so I won't even attempt!

Next class:
Played a lot at BC. Didii was late and hence, according to the rules made by the kids, she was to be punished. They unanimously agreed upon no-studies-only-play punishment for Didii! :) 2 new volunteers Deepika and Ranjini had come to the class, and playing a game together helped in better bonding of new Didiis and the kids.


Ajay says:
Hi everyone.
Here is the update for the session on 22/01/2012.

Ruby didi brought her friend Sagar to class. The kids were really excited to meet him. They gathered round him and started talking with him. Sagar shared a lot of jokes with the kids. Sagar also imitated various filmstars. The kids found this highly entertaining. Sameer in particular jelled well with Sagar.

Later, Sagar showed the kids his watch. The kids were amazed at his ability to read time from a braille watch. He later took out his stick. Sachin Bhaiyya and I asked the kids if they remembered the basic features of the stick. To our delight, most of them did.

Sagar later told the children about himself about his passion for music and how he copes and manages daily. Sagar also explained to the children the concept of braille. Then the class recited the song, "Little drops of water and sand make the ocean and the great land."

Phir, Sagar ne hamari shyam aur bhi haseen bana di. Ek badhiya raag gaa kar unhone hamara man jeet liya.

We then concluded the session.

This brilliant entertainer Sagar sure was a treat to all! Hope he returns!

Ayub Irani is a sick man!

13/02/10: This is the day when German Bakery is blasted. This is the day when I watch probably the greatest movie ever made in Marathi- Harishchandraachii Factory. This is the day I get to know about the rape of young girl from Patil Estate by Ayub Irani of the Irani basti.

22/02/10: Big event by KKPKP outside Patil Estate. Great posters they had brought. Anu Aga of Thermax had come in person! Met them all. They had displayed eve-teasing posters too. Saddest part- event attended by ladies mostly. When will our men learn???
All I wanted to do is, go to Irani bastii, scream out the name of Ayub Irani, paint his door, make a big scene in front of his family and the bastii about what a useless life he is leading. Krunal stops me!