Friday, September 11, 2009

Day-25: Talked to Karishma's sister. Her mom was out somewhere. Sister showed the x-ray. It was terrifying! The bone is actually broken wide apart! They got some first aid done from some hospital near Mhasobaa something. Sancheti people told them that her operation would cost 25,000 rupees. The lady cannot afford it. Hence haven't done anything yet. Told her to go to Sassoon. Sister said that her mom's scared of Sassoon! More on this, later.
Today's class at Agriculture College ground! With a brand new football! :') Shaam, Sheetal, Karishma, Sarika, Vidya were there. No Ajay! :( I so very much wanted him to be there on a football day! He's gone to Kurduwadi, to bring his sister. Will be back in a couple of days.
Karishma, Sheetal and Satika didn't wish to play football. Shaam was all game for it! Vidya was interested too, surprisingly! Ignored the 3 girls and started playing with Shaam and Vidya. The three started screaming and complaining about the place, football, etc... Especially Sheetal, as usual. Played Suurpaatyaa for sometime then, with all the girls. Then observed long jump and 'golaaphek' practice for a while. The sports-women there started talking to our girls. One of them also showed how to go about a long long jump! Our kids took some time to come out of their shells, but later had loads of fun trying to long-jump!
Meanwhile, Shaam kept up with the football... People practising football there got interested and were teaching him for a long time! How I wish Ajay were there too!!
Too much of physical exercise! More than 2 hours of constant running and jumping and kicking! Exhausted!!
Tuk tuk, Shrikant! Nobody missed you! Since I was all alone with the kids, I had all the chance to impress them with my football skills. And impress them, I did! Especially because they did not have any expectations from a 'didii' as far as football is concerned... :')

Talked to Karshma's mom after the class. Explained her how important it is to get operated. I simply cannot imagine how painful it must be for her! Asked her to go to Sassoon. The lady wasn't speaking up... One uncle nearby told us that, at Sassoon, they have to do so much of work to get things done properly, that sometimes 25000 rupees look affordable! Sassoon has got such reputation as well, I didn't know! We assured them that we'd take them there and then they won't have to do any of those things... Urged and requested and tried our best to tell her to get something done quickly.

While going back home at the end of my Saturday-at-Patil-Estate, at around 8:30pm, spotted this lady working at the garbabe collection center at the entrance of lane-1 while the rest of the junta was busy celebrating Shaaheer Annaabhaauu Saathe Jayantii with loudspeaker-walls... Karishma's father doesn't do anything at all; even when the working lady has a broken hand.
Day-23: They aren't going anywhere. :) Crazy girls!!! I guess they like threatening us time and again, with such warnings!
Sheetal asked for Pabal again again!
Played 'Coconut Please' and 'Suurpaatyaa' at BC. Karishma and Sheetal were discussing something 'very important' in between... We weren't supposed to interrupt...

Day-24: Karishma and Sheetal went back home while we were walking to BC from Patil Estate. They wanted to go to Sambhaji Park. They said they didn't like us taking them to BC everyday, at all! We let them go back. :-) REMEMBER – The FIRST rule of this morning batch - “No rules. No regulations.” :')
Ajay's mother works. Father works on small lighting tasks as and when he gets 'em. Otherwise drinks. Ajay keeps his cellphone transaction money with mom. He doesn't even keep his cellphone with his dad. He says that his dad would sell it and drink away the money!
Asked Ajay why is it that he never behaves like Karishma and Sheetal, and is always ready in the mornings to come with us without demanding to go to places other than BC... He said, “Kunii nhela tarach jaaycha. Naaiitar naaii.” Funda!!
Thus, Ajay was sitting with us at BC, generally chatting about his life. And... guess what?!!! We spotted Karishma and Sheetal hiding behing a bush!!! They couldn't go back, after all! What more would we want from life!! :) :) :)
Karishma too, said that her father doesn't do anything. Her mom has to go to work even with a fractured hand. Otherwise how would they get money for food, she said! Her mom's hand is temporarily bandaged now. But she needs to be operated. :-? Need to find out the exact information tomorrow.
We wrote colourful 'get well soon' letters to Krunal! Tried telling them where Surat and Pune lie on the map, with our limited map-drawing skills. :) Tried explaining the postal system as well. They looked interested! Tried explaining how nice someone would feel if he/she gets such loving letters when ill. Ajay said that now even he wants to be sick!
Get well soon, Krunal!
Day-21: Karishma's sister is having back-ache because her husband hit her (Karishma told this) and hence she's staying with Karishma along with her 3 children. Thus, Karishma had lots of work at home and hence she couldn't come!
Played for a long long time! Didn't realise we had to go to work after the class! :)
Sheetal caught 3-4 tiny fish in her hand along with some water, held 'em for a while and then put 'em back into water. Unlike yesterday. Didn't kill them.
Ajay trades mobile phones! Asked him to take lots of pictures during the day through his camera-phone so that we can see them next day morning at class and discuss his photography skills. To which he said "I sold that phone." Upon showing further interest in his transaction, he said, "Sold it for 1500 rupees. To my friend. I'll get another one. From the shops in front of Sambhaji Park. One has to go for a second hand China made phone, it's cheaper!" Awesome. He goes to the shop on foot or by bicycle...
At BC, a security guy shouted badly at Ajay for having broken a glass bottle lying around. The guard went like "Come here, I'll thrash you!!" and Ajay, without showing a single sign of fear walked in his direction. Other kids were scared. He must have been scared too, but didn't show it. We tried explaining why it's not good to break glass bottles carelessly on the river bank... He was quiet for a while. Then started playing with us.
Sheetal asked us to take her to Pabal. “Take me take me take me! Pabal Pabal Pabal!” :)

Day-22: Only Karishma + Sheetal + Ajay. Great chance! Took out books and was simply going through them, pretending as if I'm busy in my own world. Karishma was the first one to say, "Show me". Gave one to her. Sheetal and Ajay soon followed with "Show us!"... They went through the pictures only. Then very casually tried explaining one story to them in which a little boy dreams of his father being his age and he being his father's age, bossing over the father all the time! They got more interested. Went on going through the pages of all three books. So much so that, before leaving, Karishma wanted Sheetal to promise her in my presence about mutually sharing their books in the evening! :) Never wanted them to know that these books are brought specially for them and that we're trying to "teach" something... Just made it look like an accident. When they returned the books after first scrutiny, the response they got was- "You can keep these with you if you want, I currently don't need them much". And they kept the books. :)
Were generally chatting about their relatives and places in Pune... Asked Ajay some photography questions. He answered correctly, as expected. :) He too stressed upon going to Katraj snake park. Usually others demand for such things, he never does, he's happy everywhere! Sheetal asked for Pabal again! Karishma's mom fell off the staircase and got her hand fractured. They had been to some doctor near Deccan and got the x-ray done. It'll be plastered in a couple of days.
A disturbing piece of information from Karishma and Sheetal- Sheetal's aajii will be dropping her to Raahulgaav in a couple of days. Mostly forever. Sheetal said they have a farm, animals, some Devii temple, lots of cousins, etc there and she's all excited to be there! (Sheetal said her elder cousins there pamper her a lot! They take her places, get things for her, etc. How can Karishma be quiet on this!! She too chirped in with, “Even my father! He pampers me a lot! He's never ever hit me till date!”) Karishma and family are moving to Borivali, to her sister's, she said. :'( I asked them both what was I supposed to do when I miss them badly... They didn't know what to say. They didn't believe I'd miss them.
Day-18: I-don't-like-Ratan-Tata day! Went to Shanivarwada with Murthy. Played outside till it opened. Went in at 8:30am. Shaam was a great guide. But only Vidya seemed interested in knowing history. Rest were with Ajay, who was clicking clicking clicking! He had brought a camera phone. Tried scolding him at first, but let him take pictures later. He seemed really interested in photography. Will surely do something about it! :) Other girls together enjoyed holding a tiny fish+water in their hands and eventually throwing it carelessly, thereby killing that tiny thing. Told them that I won't talk to them for 3 days. They laughed it out. :D :-(

Day-19: Holiday due to Pabal visit... :(

Day-20: They came, they stayed, they left! :D :-( They sometimes decide that they're getting bored. This was one of those days. They don't seem to have started liking it!
One point to be noted- Ajay said something. To which Shaam immediately responded, “E yedpatt!!! Asa nasta kadhii.” Ajay said nothing after this. NOTHING. Had it been the weekend batch of elder kids (that's Shaam's actual batch, he generally comes with us for the morning batch), any one of them would have instantly replied to Shaam with many more synonyms of 'yedpatt'. Very strange of Ajay to have kept quiet! He's a good boy after all! :')
Told them about Pabal. Told them how students build their own houses. Sheetal enquired about who provides the money for it... Good question! Told her that Pabal school provides all the raw material for free. Shrikant told her, “Also, if you feel like having a cream roll, you can make it on your own and have it! They teach it all!” She said, “Huh! I'll better buy one!” :D
Day-14: I'm still unwell. Felt jealous of kids + Shrikant, who went to the bridge and enjoyed the river view...

Day-15: Heavy rains. Holiday.

Day-16: Same as above.

Day-17: BC. I'm back! A tiny little vulnerable baby serpent was struggling with life at BC ground. Kids got all excite about it and went near the poor little thing with sticks, planning to disturb it. I was all panicky, pushing the kids aside, shouting at them "Dare you pain that animal!! I'll beat you up!!!" They went away finally, seeing my avatar! I pitied myself here... Pitied my way of teaching them animal-rights. "I'll beat you if you hurt that animal"!! Huh! What irony!! While musing over my stupidity, spotted Ajay going close to that baby-animal with 7-8 sticks! Was about to jump onto him to stop him!! But this guy asked me to hold on, went near that poor thing, made a circle of sticks surrounding the animal so that it remains safe!!! I love these kids! Beautiful! No words!
Played a lot. While leaving, they were enthusiastically making plans about next day. They seem to have started liking it...
Day-10: Krunal and me again. Played at BC.

Day-11: Saturday!! I-don't-like-Ratan-Tata day! Sambhaji Park with Murthy and Krunal! Nivedita also joined in. My family visited us for a short while. Kids were totally excited. In addition to our famous five, Shaam and Vikas came along, as well. Vishaamrut+Suurpaatyaa+swings+... !

Day-12: Sunday! Yet went to BC. Had parents' session at 9am at COEP. Hence couldn't go anywhere else. Famous five with Murthy and Shrikant and suurpaatyaa and witti-daanduu!
At the session, specially congratulated these kids and their parents with gifts and certificates for having started going to school (!!??). Let's see if it has any positive effect... :')

Day-13: Shrikant alone! Me = unwell!! He woke them all up and left for office! Only he can do it! :) Kids must have gone mad at him!
Day-8: Holiday. Heavy rains.

Day-9: Shrikant isn't well. Krunal came. At BC. Mainly discussed about Vidya's disappearing the previous day... This girl's mother called us last evening asking about her whereabouts. She had not returned home till 8pm. We were worried! She came back and told that some Didii had taken her somewhere. In an auto. It was like a lawn and there were many other kids and they played sitting-games. She said that the Didii came to Patil Estate and told her that all other kids are already there. So she went with that Didii from pataangan. Strange. VERY VERY STRANGE. Very strictly informed all kids and their families to not go outside unless me/Shrikant comes to take the kids. Need to do something about that Didii... But HOW???!!!
Shrikant had called up. He must be missing all of us, having fun at BC! :) The kids so enthusiastically talked to him! Karishma told him, “Aamhaalaa bara nasta tevhaa kashe ho aantaa tikduun ikde jabardastii... Aataa yuu kaa tumaalaa nyaaylaa???!!!” :D All of them were talking for a long time with him. It was nice to know that they've started getting attached to him emotionally...
Day-5: At a tiny little park near Shrikant's house. (Where Shaam goes and exercises every morning!) Nothing interesting inside the small place except an age old Sukhoi. Discussed "Bhaiyyaa's routine" with kids. They did realise that Bhaiyyaa does a lot of hard work whole day and yet comes to their houses early in the morning... Karishma said "Bhaiyyaa gets money for coming here, hence he comes!" This is what elders of her lane tell her... Huh. Great. Patil Estate parents need to know that we love the kids... I guess we'll be able to connect with them better once they know that we do this because we love doing it, not for money.

Day-6: Monday. Time constraints on both of us. Hence COEP. Kids didn't want to come. Sheetal was about to run away when we were near Math dept. Some security guard asked the kids "Kuthe chaallaat?" in a friendly way. Sheetal said "Jeev dyaaylaa"...
All sat near the river for some minutes. Ajay + Vidya + Sheetal were getting inside a boat which was quite risky. Hence got them all upstairs against their wish. Then tried reading newspaper but all were making pathetic faces. When Shrikant got up to leave for office, all of them got up to leave for home!
I said "Very well. Go then. Even I have work."
I was angry! :-(
All left.

Day-7: Raining heavily everywhere. Still went! All credit to Shrikant! :') Karishma, the one who takes maximum time to get up and get ready, also the one who NEVER wants to come; got up and got ready quickly, with a lovely smile on her face! What a surprise! I asked her how did it happen. She simply said, "Tumhii yevdhyaa paawsaat bhijat aalaat naa... Mhanuun mee uthale. Naaiitar mee yenaarach navhate aaj."
:') I love these kids!!
Sheetal couldn't come. All of us went to BC, since it was raining. Were generally talking. Had pohaa. Studied the boats parked there. Later, as the kids were watching the river from BC, and as I was standing just behind them, I said, "Aikaa naa..." They turned to look at me. I said, "Sorry. Mee kaal tumhaalaa raagaawle naa. Mhanuun. Punhaa naahii raagaawnaar." They watched me for a fraction of a second and turned back and started talking about something else!! They just simply DID NOT know how to react! This emotion seemed so new to them- of someone saying sorry, to them! Someone elderly! :-)
We left from BC in some time. Went back laughing and chatting about useless stuff! It was so much fun! Didn't even utter the word "school"! :) And while leaving, Vidya-Sarika-Karshima waved the loveliest goodbye ever...
See you soon, girls!
Day-4: Police grounds! (Shaam joined us. He's been coming with us since this day.) Biiig lush green lawn, huge running track and a police training area! Exercised a lot! Enjoyed the ongoing police training... Met one Mr. Thorat from comissioner office. He said that he too wants to do something like us. I said that he, being a police, is already doing it all for the country. He said, "But I get a salary for it naa!"
Day-1: General chat while we sat near the river. Tried asking questions such as "What will happen if you build a wall across the river?". Thus, tried explaining dams. They were interested in random chats... We let them do it. They also talked casually about their brothers, friends, et al drowning in the river during floods and Ganapati festival. They know that instead of saving water, putting up a 'morchaa' at the corporator's office (they know his name too) gets the water supply back on track. Karishma says she needs no education since she's going to put up a Chinese/AndaaBhurjii taparii, like one of her relatives. Andaa bhurjii costs Rs.12/- per plate, she said, and so she'll earn enough! I tried telling her that for starting a taparii, you should know 'hisaab' and so you should go to school to learn some Math. We ended with a promise to go to Sambhaajii Park next day if the kids find out more information on the working of dams.

Day-2: They had not even thought of dams. So no park for them. Newspaper reading session. (Mastermind Shrikant's idea! I'm going to implement it in weekend class as well!) Karishma reads nicely. She understands nothing, though. Vidya reads and understands as well. Sarika cannot read. Sheetal and Ajay read marginally. Sheetal plays with real money and she's to pay Rs.16/- to some girl. We again ended on a promise to go to Sambhaajii Park (otherwise they wouldn't turn up the next day)!

Day-3: Vidya's father's missing. Her mother asked her to stay back. Rest of us went to Balgandharva Rangamandir. Saw the empty theatre with some rehearsal going on inside (convinced the guard to let us inside... B-)). It was lovely! We all were excited to see it! Then went to the swimming pool next to it (again, convinced the guard to let us in... :))! Kids were excited! Then went to the park! Played a lot (me too...). On our way back, they asked "Where to go tomorrow??" I said, "First you study, go to school today, only then we'll go." They said, "Leave it, we'll go on our own."
!!! :-| :-/ :-D

The post which is to be continued forever ...

Before I forget, I wish to note down some observations of the morning batch, which happens to be a very special batch having specially smart kids. If one was to learn through experiences, imagine how smart a 12yr old would be, who's never been to school! Day-1 = 8th July'09. Readers, please don't mind if there are any local references which you cannot understand. This piece of writing is more diary-like.

The origin:
It was a chat between us on 7th July'09 which ended up in a beginning. It follows:
shrikant: jus nw gt a call frm
principal of ambedkar school
she said children dint came today
she said 4th std dnt come to school
me: Hermann laa he loka jaat nasatiil tar mag tyaannaapan gheuunach weekend classes conduct karat jaauu.
shrikant: yes
bt hw much we r capable of teaching them
dey need everyday classes
weekend is nt enough
kai karava? acc to u?
me: I guess tyaanchyaashii boluun, khel kheluun, class gheuunach haluu haluu godii nirmaan karna possible e.
shrikant: pan once again 1 yr wasted na
me: Naah. I won't be.
Who said they'll not go to school whole year???
shrikant: no wat if dey do d same as dey r doin nw
me: Hmmm... Then they become "special cases"!
Aik naa, samjaa, mee roj 7am laa office laa pochle. Tar mee 5pm laa nighuu shaken.
We can actually spend 2hrs with them daily.
What say?????
shrikant: bt..
roj jashil ka?
n kiti paryant?
me: Special batch for Sareeka, Ajay, Bablu, Vidya, Karishma, Sheetal.
shrikant: kiti vel?
me: Till 8pm?
shrikant: or else sakali ghetla tar?
me: Chaalel! Aik naa. Suruwaatiilaa nustach tyaannaa gheuun phiraaylaa jaauu.
Gappaa maaruu.
Say for a week.
shrikant: chalel
me: Then they'll start liking us.
shrikant: den dey wil also cum
me: Correct.
shrikant: hmm..
abhyas mhnla ki sodun palun jatil
me: :D
shrikant: udya pasun mag?
me: Correct.
6:30am laa pochaaycha.
7am to 8:30am ashii shaalaa ghyaaychii.
9am laa office!!

Thus, it started off the very next day, i.e., 8th July 2009. Class-wise details follow in the posts labeled 'Diary'...

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