Thursday, November 19, 2009


Work is Worship.
Work is Warship!


Monday, November 9, 2009

ये रे ये रे बाळा,
तुला मिळेल पैसा,
पैसा होईल मोठ्ठा,
कशाला हवी शाळा!

रस्त्यावर रहाणारी, कमविणारी मुले- प्रतिवर्षी वाढत जाणारा एक चिंताजनक सामाजिक घटक. चला, त्यांना जाणून घेऊया...

सर्व शिक्षा अभियान आणि पंखुडी पुणे ( १४ आणि १५ नोव्हेंबर २००९ रोजी पुण्यातील रस्त्यांवर रहाणार्या मुलांचे सर्वेक्षण करणार आहेत. सर्वेक्षणाची सुरुवात सर्व शिक्षा अभियानच्या कसबा पेठेतील कार्यालयापासून १४ नोव्हेंबर रोजी सकाळी ८ वाजता होईल.

ह्या सर्वेक्षणात भाग घेऊ इच्छिणार्यांनी आपले नाव व संपर्काबाद्दल्च्या माहितीसह वर इमेल अथवा
९२२५६५२२६८/९८८१०६६४९२ वर "Survey <आपले नाव>" असा SMS अथवा
आपल्या महाविद्यालयातील नाव - नंबर ह्यांना संपर्क करावा.

Twinkle twinkle little cars,
How 'they' knock your doors ajar...
Up against all possible odds,
Like the diamonds of unknown pods...

These are the children living in the street. Would you care to come and meet?

Join Sarva Sikha Abhiyaan and Pankhudi Pune ( in conducting a survey of Pune's street children on 14th and 15th Nov'09.

Starting point: Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan office, Kasba Peth, Pune.
Starting time: 0800hrs, 14th Nov'09.

Those interested in participating in the survey need to register by sending your name and contact details:
To or
SMS Survey to 92256 52268 or 98810 66492 or
Contact : _________________________ (College Coordinator).

Note: Would you not prefer to be away when some unknown surveyor with a lengthy questionnaire comes to your doorstep? Same is the case with Pune's ever busy street children. So let the survey be a surprise to them; don't let them know!
03/11/09: Shrikant. Dropped Raj and Vijay. Need to take their parents along, while dropping them to school. Putting them into school is very crucial now, since we have admitted them through a special letter by SSA and special permission by Hermann. At least literacy IS important!
12/10/09: No class. Family engagements.

14/10/09: No Shrikant. I'm not supposed to go alone!

15/10/09: My exam. No class.

Diwali vacation!

23/10/09: Shrikant alone! Without telling me! x-( And I kept thinking that I should not wake him up since he was working till midnight the previous day!!

24/10/09: Krunal. Sham, Sheetal, Sarika. Sheetal + Sarika = secret discussions. Sham got bored. Ajay came and went. He's busy today. His sister's going back to her in laws.

25/10/09: No class. Office office.

Long vacation. Sad things around.
13/10/09: Election day! No class in the morning. Rain.

Class from 6pm to 7pm. Guess where?! BC badi court!! Finally! Ajay, Sarika, Sheetal, Karishma, Vidya, all are present! Sarika played well. And Ajay, of course. Sheetal and Karishma were at their best misbehaviour! Vidya, as usual, got an inferiority complex, since she couldn't play as nicely as others. Encouraged her max.
As a by product of this class, Shrikant too, revised his game. :)
10/10/09: Krunal and Shrikant and Nivedita. In short, all except me. :-( I have exams. So this class is a reproduction of the details provided by Krunal, which I have nicely forgotten by 'now'.

Kids were busy exploring Nivedita and Krunal's cellphones. Karishma called me. Ajay called up his sister and actually had a talk. She's to come home for Diwali! Karishma also called up some unknown number and was talking arbit things for quite some time. Shady.

Ajay's going to go to 'work'. Where his elder brother works. A mobile shop in front of Dagadu Sheth Ganapati temple.

Shrikant dropped Raj to school and joined all at BC later. Vijay not well.

P.S.: I joined Krunal at Eklavya in the afternoon, after my exam. Interesting visit! Thoroughly enjoyed with the kids!

11/10/09: Sunday. Krunal alone. So this class is again a reproduction of what Krunal told me later, coupled with my brain's capacity to forget.

Sambhaji Park, as promised. They wanted to eat something on their way back, but at nice good looking hotels... :) So all had breakfast (= misalpaav, :-)) at some hotel on J. M. road. Krunal had a tough time trying to refrain kids from washing hands in plates and from throwing tissue papers around!

Then, while walking back (no auto due to the new one-way system), Krunal took them to the ATM! They were so excited to see a machine throw up those paper pieces which mean most to the whole of mankind! He let them operate it too. I like it when they are exposed to new technology. Then they all wanted Krunal's ATM card so that they could have all the money they wanted! He, obviously, explained the impossibility of the situation! :)

And finally, he got them back to Patil Estate on foot! B-)
08/11/09: Class by Zarna, Nivedita and Murthy! I'm busy with something at Modern Cafe Chowk, along with Krunal and Amruta! :-|
25/10/09: No class. Office office.

Long vacation. Sad things around.

07/11/09: ClassesInBrief. Had planned to give a holiday due to some family engagements. But when Nivedita called me from Patil Estate saying "Kids are asking about you...", I had to go! :) Their exams are on. All except Reshma and Swati were present.

Revised the "04/10/09" class. Then studied rationals and irrationals and reals. Studied the set theoretic resemblance between 'our classroom, Patil Estate, Pune' and 'Natural numbers, Whole numbers, Rational numbers'. :-)

Have been meeting Karishma's mom on and off. Her hand pains properly. :-| Realised that one can only take the horse to the lake...

P.S. : Girish came!
11/10/09: At SambhajiPark! Thought of taking these children to the park too! :) As usual, had loads of fun.

 And yeah, the first thing kids told me on this day was, "Didii, we had so much fun yesterday!" Yesterday = Class by Krunal = B-).

Diwali vacation!

24/10/09: Krunal. I joined post 6pm. 2-3 were busy solving their English question paper. Others were least bothered. We let them be. No Swati. :-/
10/10/09: Krunal alone. Patil Estate classroom's not avalable. But nothing deters Mr. KD! Class in the small hall near Ambedkar School!

They solved some Math problems. 'Finding the next term of a sequence', to be presice. Kids enjoyed doing it! Akshay would always be the first one to get the formula right.

Krunal's a very good teacher! No arguments!