Friday, September 11, 2009

Day-21: Karishma's sister is having back-ache because her husband hit her (Karishma told this) and hence she's staying with Karishma along with her 3 children. Thus, Karishma had lots of work at home and hence she couldn't come!
Played for a long long time! Didn't realise we had to go to work after the class! :)
Sheetal caught 3-4 tiny fish in her hand along with some water, held 'em for a while and then put 'em back into water. Unlike yesterday. Didn't kill them.
Ajay trades mobile phones! Asked him to take lots of pictures during the day through his camera-phone so that we can see them next day morning at class and discuss his photography skills. To which he said "I sold that phone." Upon showing further interest in his transaction, he said, "Sold it for 1500 rupees. To my friend. I'll get another one. From the shops in front of Sambhaji Park. One has to go for a second hand China made phone, it's cheaper!" Awesome. He goes to the shop on foot or by bicycle...
At BC, a security guy shouted badly at Ajay for having broken a glass bottle lying around. The guard went like "Come here, I'll thrash you!!" and Ajay, without showing a single sign of fear walked in his direction. Other kids were scared. He must have been scared too, but didn't show it. We tried explaining why it's not good to break glass bottles carelessly on the river bank... He was quiet for a while. Then started playing with us.
Sheetal asked us to take her to Pabal. “Take me take me take me! Pabal Pabal Pabal!” :)

Day-22: Only Karishma + Sheetal + Ajay. Great chance! Took out books and was simply going through them, pretending as if I'm busy in my own world. Karishma was the first one to say, "Show me". Gave one to her. Sheetal and Ajay soon followed with "Show us!"... They went through the pictures only. Then very casually tried explaining one story to them in which a little boy dreams of his father being his age and he being his father's age, bossing over the father all the time! They got more interested. Went on going through the pages of all three books. So much so that, before leaving, Karishma wanted Sheetal to promise her in my presence about mutually sharing their books in the evening! :) Never wanted them to know that these books are brought specially for them and that we're trying to "teach" something... Just made it look like an accident. When they returned the books after first scrutiny, the response they got was- "You can keep these with you if you want, I currently don't need them much". And they kept the books. :)
Were generally chatting about their relatives and places in Pune... Asked Ajay some photography questions. He answered correctly, as expected. :) He too stressed upon going to Katraj snake park. Usually others demand for such things, he never does, he's happy everywhere! Sheetal asked for Pabal again! Karishma's mom fell off the staircase and got her hand fractured. They had been to some doctor near Deccan and got the x-ray done. It'll be plastered in a couple of days.
A disturbing piece of information from Karishma and Sheetal- Sheetal's aajii will be dropping her to Raahulgaav in a couple of days. Mostly forever. Sheetal said they have a farm, animals, some Devii temple, lots of cousins, etc there and she's all excited to be there! (Sheetal said her elder cousins there pamper her a lot! They take her places, get things for her, etc. How can Karishma be quiet on this!! She too chirped in with, “Even my father! He pampers me a lot! He's never ever hit me till date!”) Karishma and family are moving to Borivali, to her sister's, she said. :'( I asked them both what was I supposed to do when I miss them badly... They didn't know what to say. They didn't believe I'd miss them.

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