Friday, December 2, 2016


On the twenty third of October
I realized I cannot be so proud
To be so particular
As I forgot, while on a trip,
At A's hostel, a pair of pants, a T-shirt, a towel and a slip.

A assured I quick
Though I had assumed to let go
That A would bring them back next week.

So did A.
And handed over to B.
And that's when a crucial piece of information
Was passed on by I.

Meet me soon, said I, to B
The clothes shouldn't remain packed
Quite unwashed.

B passed the information on to C,
And C said, let me see.

Days passed by
All were always ready to try
To handover.

I thought I should remain updated
About the whereabouts
So I enquired
And B said that the goods have reached D.

I kept reminding D
To meet I on the way
But it was not to be
Day after day.

Then once I called up
And D informed that
Only the pants are with D
And I hung up.

Then came a travel date
The only date
When I didn't want the handover fate
But fate is fate.

I got a call, from E
Who was trying hard to ship the goods
From D.
Of all days, not today, said I, please.
E said, alright, with ease.

Thus the goods found a new home
In the dicky of E's vehicle
So that further they could roam.

Days passed by.
Travel happened.
Demonetization of the Indian economy happened.
Waiting in long queues to exchange currency happened.
F and G borrowing and leaving E's vehicle at G's place happened.
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” happened.
Murphy's law happened.

On the thirtieth of November,
I, E and E's vehicle got together.
The handover took place.

People change over time.
Times change over time.
So do goods, thought I.
The plain grey T-shirt and plain white slip
Had transformed into a colourful piece of undergarment*.
And the pair of pants had transformed into some other* similar arrangement.
Handover proved quite an enlightenment.
Obviously, thought I.

An unknown X happened to know the transformation.
X asked, aren't all of you the people who run an NGO for last 9 years?
Yes, said I.
We, The Transformers.
A, B , C, D, E, F, G, H and I.

[We, The Transformers, in complete solemnity, stand by the one or many, who may or may not have noticed, the disappearance of their *goods.]

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


गिनत को अनगिनत से तोलना
हारने का अच्छा तरीका हैं।
थोड़ा तो रहम करो!
ख़ुद पर!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


मी लिहीन ना थोडं
मधलं मधलं
किंवा आधीचं
तू नंतरचं लिहिशील का?
मग मी कुणीका असेना?

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Star Struck!

Nasiruddin Shah,

Not that I am a movie person. Not that I know a lot about you. Not that I have seen all your movies. Just that, whenever asked who's my favourite hero, I have given your name.

Yesterday, while I was waiting outside the theater for your program, 2 big cars zoomed into the premises, halting next to me. The door closest to me opened, you stepped out, greeted Chinu kaakaa heartily and disappeared into the theater! I stood there, stunned. Watching you from such a close distance, the close up glimpses of the grandeur and the simplicity of your personality, the unexpected suddenness of the happening, ... Well... I skipped at least 3 breathing cycles.

Inside, one person could have sat in my chair behind me, I was so on the edge of the seat all the time, eyes wide open, watching you and listening to you. 

In the end, the organizers announced that people will get copies of your book, signed by you. Haa! Is he going to sign so many books?! Really?! And then there you were, sitting at a table while a stream of humans flowed by, autographing each of their books. I grabbed a spot behind the media crowd, to watch you from the gap between two camera-persons. So many emotions running up till my eyelids, moistening them... Still can't explain why. You sitting there, so real, so near, signing, looking up, greeting, thanking, smiling, ... And your deep motherly eyes... Oh. So much to say, so much to keep. From Jaane Bhii Do Yaaro to "Maa main first aayaa!" of Dirty Picture to A Walk In The Woods... To see that all of them were in front of me, just some 4-5 feet away... Ohoho! So much for a little heart!

While I was at this, I noticed a super old grandpa, being maneuvered by his daughter (I guess), unable to walk or talk or see properly, lining up next to me, to do exactly what I was doing- look at you. Me and the grandpa, at once, were too specs in your fan following. What a hero you are! Some minutes later, I saw the grandpa on the other side, making through that stream with great difficulty and enthusiasm, for your autograph!

Your smiles and thanks for the people were now combined with an intermittent scratching of left side of your neck with left forefinger. Intermittent mild turns to look for the end of the stream of people and fiddling at the wrist watch followed. The stream seemed endless. There was a point. A breaking point. You got up and tried to leave! Then followed a burst of the media personnel, waiting so long to grab 'bites' of you, who made you sit down again- you sat and closed your eyes for about 5 seconds to cool the bursts of irritation within- to ask a couple of completely useless questions, and, pauses! Uh! You took off. 

I heard quite a range of opinions there. From "why was he so irritated", "may be due to age", "ek toh bite milnaa chaahiie yaar", to "that person there, that is Nasiruddin Shah". I thought I understood something about the other side of celeb life. 

But mainly, I thought I understood something about what happens to Shahrukh Khan's fans when they see him for real. Rather, I experienced it.
I was, yes, Star Struck!

I have one certain fantasy. Of spending an hour with you as a student, talking about life.

Not taking your autograph was the only thing I could do for you yesterday...

Thank you!

Monday, September 19, 2016

So we say

There are people.
And there's love.

But there are ideologies too.
And idols, yes. Them too.
And the concept of ideal.
And followers. With faith.
And then follows anger.
Questions are hated.
Love is hated.
Self is lost.
Messenger is killed.


There will be people. There will be love.
So we say.

Friday, May 6, 2016

For the people of my dream

So what's the dream?!
Ah well.

A place.
Responsible sharing of work.
Peace and love.
And yes, harmony.
Along with all the salt and pepper!
Very tasteful.
Highly lively.
Thought provoking.
Essential for growth.
(More than B12 and D.)

So that's the dream.
Ah well.

Place becomes home and dream comes true.
Yes, this one's for the real people of my dream.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kahaanii kii seekh aur rishte kaa naam

सीख और नाम की ख़्वाहिशों में ख़यालों के तो देखों पर निकल आए !
नहीं ?!
उधर, आइने में ?
रोशनी को न कोसो !
पलकों के पिछे तो ये बड़े आइने टंगे हैं !

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pakistan Kashmir India, Rohit Afzal Kanhaiya

क्या हम डरते हैं?
हाँ तो किस से?
ना तो क्यों नहीं?

क्या हम सोचते हैं?
हाँ तो कितना?
ना तो क्यों नहीं?

क्या हम बोलते हैं?
हाँ तो किस विषय पर?
ना तो क्यों नहीं?

क्या हम पूछते हैं?
हाँ तो कैसे?
ना तो क्यों नहीं?

क्या हम करते हैं?
हाँ तो क्या?
ना तो क्यों नहीं?

क्या हम सीख़ते हैं?
हाँ, तो कब?
ना, तो कुछ नहीं।