Friday, September 11, 2009

Day-10: Krunal and me again. Played at BC.

Day-11: Saturday!! I-don't-like-Ratan-Tata day! Sambhaji Park with Murthy and Krunal! Nivedita also joined in. My family visited us for a short while. Kids were totally excited. In addition to our famous five, Shaam and Vikas came along, as well. Vishaamrut+Suurpaatyaa+swings+... !

Day-12: Sunday! Yet went to BC. Had parents' session at 9am at COEP. Hence couldn't go anywhere else. Famous five with Murthy and Shrikant and suurpaatyaa and witti-daanduu!
At the session, specially congratulated these kids and their parents with gifts and certificates for having started going to school (!!??). Let's see if it has any positive effect... :')

Day-13: Shrikant alone! Me = unwell!! He woke them all up and left for office! Only he can do it! :) Kids must have gone mad at him!

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