Wednesday, September 9, 2015

For the parents, of the daughters, by the daughters.

Dear parents,

Amid all the ruckus,
In the times when we have forgotten basic human capabilities of thought,
In between the discussions which move from melons to marriage in 3 seconds,
During the interval between our routine circus,

Let's listen to me, without arguments, today?
Or rather, just read me, because at listening we are yet to arrive.
Let's know my views about this cultural clock inside you,
set to alarm when I turn twenty five?

They say marriages are made in heaven.
Is the set of moms called heaven?!
Mum, please don't panic! I only have turned 25, not turned into a killer!
Good heavens!

Mom, dad, I respect and love you.
And I do and will care for you no matter what.
Unto my last.
And I know that you feel the same for me, exactly.

So do you see the balance already?
We already are doing our best for each other!
And that I need not marry to prove towards you, my love and care!
And that you need not make me ride on the guilt wave of you having done so much for me!

There's been a lot of burdening through expectations...
But trust me, it's not going to end after I have tied the knot.
Expectations have offsprings... And the offsprings have offsprings... And so on...
Into this trap, let me fall not!

It's my marriage!
Possibly the biggest thing that'd ever happen in my life!
Let's not make it a resultant of emotional blackmail?
Let's not enforce happiness through eternal strife?

And c'mon dear ones!
We know so many sad faces!
We understand that marriage is beautiful,
Provided so many if cases!

Time goes on at its own pace. Everything else can't stay behind!
Economic necessity of marriage is reducing for girls like me.
So is biological. Single mother, quite an option!
Well, don't get me wrong, I'm only talking of adoption!

There will always be a gap,
And we will always find flaws in each others' thinking.
We are a generation apart, after all.
But let's try construct a bridge, break this wall.

I love my work. I want to work a lot more. Make myself very useful to this world.
That excites me. More than anything.
I dare say I want my marriage to be a wonderful by product of this lifestyle,
And not the very aim of my being.

It's so much more about my life,
than about your time bound wish! Is it not, mom? Dad?
So please, let them be the heroes of this tale-
My would be husband and his wife!