Friday, September 11, 2009

Day-23: They aren't going anywhere. :) Crazy girls!!! I guess they like threatening us time and again, with such warnings!
Sheetal asked for Pabal again again!
Played 'Coconut Please' and 'Suurpaatyaa' at BC. Karishma and Sheetal were discussing something 'very important' in between... We weren't supposed to interrupt...

Day-24: Karishma and Sheetal went back home while we were walking to BC from Patil Estate. They wanted to go to Sambhaji Park. They said they didn't like us taking them to BC everyday, at all! We let them go back. :-) REMEMBER – The FIRST rule of this morning batch - “No rules. No regulations.” :')
Ajay's mother works. Father works on small lighting tasks as and when he gets 'em. Otherwise drinks. Ajay keeps his cellphone transaction money with mom. He doesn't even keep his cellphone with his dad. He says that his dad would sell it and drink away the money!
Asked Ajay why is it that he never behaves like Karishma and Sheetal, and is always ready in the mornings to come with us without demanding to go to places other than BC... He said, “Kunii nhela tarach jaaycha. Naaiitar naaii.” Funda!!
Thus, Ajay was sitting with us at BC, generally chatting about his life. And... guess what?!!! We spotted Karishma and Sheetal hiding behing a bush!!! They couldn't go back, after all! What more would we want from life!! :) :) :)
Karishma too, said that her father doesn't do anything. Her mom has to go to work even with a fractured hand. Otherwise how would they get money for food, she said! Her mom's hand is temporarily bandaged now. But she needs to be operated. :-? Need to find out the exact information tomorrow.
We wrote colourful 'get well soon' letters to Krunal! Tried telling them where Surat and Pune lie on the map, with our limited map-drawing skills. :) Tried explaining the postal system as well. They looked interested! Tried explaining how nice someone would feel if he/she gets such loving letters when ill. Ajay said that now even he wants to be sick!
Get well soon, Krunal!

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