Friday, September 11, 2009

The post which is to be continued forever ...

Before I forget, I wish to note down some observations of the morning batch, which happens to be a very special batch having specially smart kids. If one was to learn through experiences, imagine how smart a 12yr old would be, who's never been to school! Day-1 = 8th July'09. Readers, please don't mind if there are any local references which you cannot understand. This piece of writing is more diary-like.

The origin:
It was a chat between us on 7th July'09 which ended up in a beginning. It follows:
shrikant: jus nw gt a call frm
principal of ambedkar school
she said children dint came today
she said 4th std dnt come to school
me: Hermann laa he loka jaat nasatiil tar mag tyaannaapan gheuunach weekend classes conduct karat jaauu.
shrikant: yes
bt hw much we r capable of teaching them
dey need everyday classes
weekend is nt enough
kai karava? acc to u?
me: I guess tyaanchyaashii boluun, khel kheluun, class gheuunach haluu haluu godii nirmaan karna possible e.
shrikant: pan once again 1 yr wasted na
me: Naah. I won't be.
Who said they'll not go to school whole year???
shrikant: no wat if dey do d same as dey r doin nw
me: Hmmm... Then they become "special cases"!
Aik naa, samjaa, mee roj 7am laa office laa pochle. Tar mee 5pm laa nighuu shaken.
We can actually spend 2hrs with them daily.
What say?????
shrikant: bt..
roj jashil ka?
n kiti paryant?
me: Special batch for Sareeka, Ajay, Bablu, Vidya, Karishma, Sheetal.
shrikant: kiti vel?
me: Till 8pm?
shrikant: or else sakali ghetla tar?
me: Chaalel! Aik naa. Suruwaatiilaa nustach tyaannaa gheuun phiraaylaa jaauu.
Gappaa maaruu.
Say for a week.
shrikant: chalel
me: Then they'll start liking us.
shrikant: den dey wil also cum
me: Correct.
shrikant: hmm..
abhyas mhnla ki sodun palun jatil
me: :D
shrikant: udya pasun mag?
me: Correct.
6:30am laa pochaaycha.
7am to 8:30am ashii shaalaa ghyaaychii.
9am laa office!!

Thus, it started off the very next day, i.e., 8th July 2009. Class-wise details follow in the posts labeled 'Diary'...

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