Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The movie

I thought someone will feel free to post the updates about Batch2 project. But I guess the-one-and-only Rohit is busy these days! :) So here's me, feeling absolutely free to share whatever happened that day... :')

26th of June 2010 was an exceptionally brilliant day in Pankhudi's life! Mahesh, Pooja, Sham, Priti, Akshay, Tushar, Irfan and Nasir just rocked the show! What skill! What ideas! What intelligence!! What execution! I'm falling short of hats to take off in their honour! What kids!!

Here's what exactly happened:

They all entered the class just before all the batch3 kids arrived. This was at 5pm. It was a housefull class. 40 kids from batch3! It started with "Kaun banegaa chocolate-patii". This game, invented by Mahesh-Pooja, had 4 teams of students, the teams were supposed to answer the Math questions being announced in fastest-fingers-first manner. Whoever did so fastest, got 2 points and the scores were recorded on the blackboard. Every question was solved and explained by Pooja so that those who couldn't answer in time would understand the Math. Every team was helped by one "young teacher" all this while. After 20 questions, all scores were summed up and converted into chocolates and the "chocolate-patii" team was announced!

Time for English! Akshay-Sham planned this activity. Mahesh asked all kids to explain how they felt when their friends tease them. "Express it on your face", he said! Then he sketched a face with that expression on the board. Asked all to draw it in their notebooks. He wrote the name of the expression in Marathi first. "Raag". Then told the English word for it- "Anger". He continues for 2-3 more expressions. Every notebook was filled with a sketch, with the Marathi word below it and the English word above it, as the other young teachers took round in the classroom to check the progress of the class.

Then it was time for Origami. Mahesh came forward, tore a paper from his notebook and the entire class followed him! He then started folding the paper step by step, clearly showing it to all, giving them time to do it, asking them to hold their papers high up so that he can check all at once. All this while, his other friends were helping each and every batch3 kid to make the exact paper fold. And finally!!! Guess what?! There happened to be a crow which could open its beak as it flipped its wings! Oh myyy!!! Amazing it was! Batch3 creative kids drew eyes on the paper-birdie!

Time for colours!! Mahesh had made a drawing of the famous cartoon character from Sakaal newspaper called "Chintu". Every batch3 kid was given a copy of the drawing and crayons (one pack every 3 kids). They coloured coloured and coloured! Even the bhaiyyaa-diidii were made to colour! Lot of prize money involved too! "1st prize: 10 chocolates, 2nd prize: 5 chocolates, 3rd prize: 3 chocolates", the black-board screamed! Finally, when everyone submitted their sheets, the young teachers judged them and announce in some time: "After seeing all these paintings, we think... ALL ARE WINNERS!!" Every child was called in front, his painting was held high and then given back to him along with2 chocolates! All clapped!

It was 7:45pm when the class ended!
"A completely professional performance", I'd say!!

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