Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Insider information!

Apart from the visible achievements of the project, here are some invisible ones:

1. Mahesh Bhalke, a total "Bhaaii" type of Patil Estate, completely arrogant, listens to no one, almost never studies, whose mother has declared him as a gone-case and is great at fighting. He was seen totally engrossed in Maths, English and drawing for 15 days flat! He studied a lot and worked hard. For the first time in the history of Patil Estate. This, once again proved that given the right kind of channel to drive their energy, even the 'so called worst' kids can do wonders.

2. All of batch2 became a little humble. They understood what it takes to control kids. All actually expressed their realisations and at least expressed a desire to not pain their teachers much henceforth.

3. Patil Estate lane no.1 families told me one day that- "Kids keep practising till 10:30pm just outside their houses. They actually plan for class, act that way, practise how to teach, and so on." Well!! One is so proud of the kids!

4. The two distinct religious groups of kids which do not interact with each other, came slightly closer to each other while working collectively for this project. This was one of the basic goals of this project, in fact.

5. Some of the families of these kids also realised that their kids, once motivated, can actually create something. They all knew that something was going on, though they may not have actually understood what it is.

6. Kids actually learnt how to think from someone else's perspective. All the Math questions (great, smart and intelligent questions, all of them) were carefully chosen by the kids, keeping in mind the level of understanding of batch3 kids.

7. Every piece of the entire show was done by the kids solely. No intervention by their teachers. Only guidance was made available whenever they needed it. They knew somewhere deep within than they were being fully trusted upon by their teachers and hence cannot break that trust!

8. All the kids worked hard for a common goal for as long as 15-20 days and now they know how lovely it feels to achieve something.

9. NONE of the batch3 kids ran out of the classroom for the whole of 2.75 hours! Simply because they found the things inside the classroom more interesting than the things outside! This is the biggest achievement of our 'young teachers'! Almost all of the batch3 kids studied religiously for the entire duration!

10. Before the final day, kids used to say, "If batch3 people don't listen to us, we'll tell them to get out, we'll scold them, we'll punish them,... Blah blah blah!" Most surprisingly, the same bunch of kids were found to be explaining everything with much care and love towards their students, not getting angry even once! After the class, they graciously admitted their realisation- There's no point in screaming at or hitting the kids! We should have patience! We should learn to love them first! If we explain everything with love, they'll understand it better!

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